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We've done a LOT of work to enable you to have even more control on the emails we send you. You can now see our Email Policy, and Change your Email Preferences to your requiremnts. Check it out!

BWPA 2021 Scholarship Winners of Easy PPL Groundschool Courses

The British Women Pilots' Association (BWPA) today announces the winners of its coveted aviation scholarships: Amy Dewhurst, Yasmina El Sayed, Rachel Harvey, Alison Field, Olivia Brown, Katie Stokes, Lizzy Mukori, Holly Harris, Hannah McCann, Tabitha Shaw, Sue Sheikh, Rachel Calvert, Grace McKellar, Charlotte Hill, Jayne Stubbs, Rebekah Yore, Gemma Jefferies, Daisy Bing and Fiona Smith. The scholarships were provided by the BWPA, SkyDemon, Helicentre Aviation, Flight Deck Wingman, Easy PPL, Bristol Groundschool, CATS Aviation and

The BWPA offers scholarships every year to support women in the UK in achieving their flying dreams, underlying its key aim to promote their training and employment within the sector. For this reason, a proportion of the Association's membership fees is used to fund scholarships. The BWPA also actively works with partner organisations to extend what it is able to offer, and so help to raise awareness and aspirations.

Over 200 women from across the UK applied for the scholarships through submitting information on their current aviation experience, what they enjoy most about flying, why they believe they deserve the award and how they would use the award if successful. They were shortlisted by a panel of judges who determined which of the candidates showed the most promise for their future flying.

These awards will help scholarship winners in various ways, including gaining their first qualifications, starting their training to become commercial pilots, or assisting them in taking part in competition flights.

Anyone interested in learning more about the BWPA scholarships and awards should visit the BWPA website.

*NEW* Search Course Facility

You asked. We listened!

From within a Course, there is now a SEARCH COURSE facility! You just type into the search box the word or words you want to search this course for, and the Search Results are then displayed to you! Any course slide that matches ANY of the search words you specified are shown. The results are shown in the same way as the normal course slides - except moving forwards and backwards through the pages moves backwards and forwards through pages that only match your search. From any of the search pages you can "Go there now" to go directly to that page in the course to continue studying in the normal manner.

Variable Pitch Propellers: Official Differences Training

We've just added another course! In order to fly aircraft with a Variable Pitch Propeller, Official Differences training must first be performed and signed off by an appropriately qualified instructor in the pilot's logbook. The training requires both theoretical knowledge as well as practical elements. This course fully prepares you with the knowledge required that you will then put into practice with your instructor in flight!

To find out more, visit the Variable Pitch Propeller Course Page.

British Women Pilots' Association

We are delighted to announce that we are once again sponsoring two scholarships. The BWPA Easy PPL Ground School Scholarships are each for the full value a Private Pilot’s Licence ground school course covering all nine required subjects.

To find out more and to apply for the #BWPAScholarships visit

Our Infringement Avoidance Course Updated

We've updated and revamped our Infringement Avoidance Course to include even more tips, tricks and best practices. We've included how to configure GPS moving map devices (we use SkyDemon as an example). So if you're a SkyDemon user, you really, really, ought to take a look at this course! Check it out here!

As a result of this update, we also took the opportunity of updating the Best Navigation Practices course with SkyDemon at the same time! For more information on this course, click here.

More Study Statistics for our students!

We've been working hard! All of our students now have even more statistics to help and encourage them in their studies. We not only have statistics on the time you spend studying and taking tests or exams, but now we've also included some statistics on how well you're performing in those tests and exams. Take a look here!

All Courses/Tests/Exams Updated for the UK leaving EASA

We have updated all of our material to cater for the fact that the UK fully left EASA on 31st December 2020. However, our courses are still suitable for EASA student pilots! We have included the implications of the UK leaving EASA in addition to the syllabus material for EASA students. Carry on studying! Contact us for more details if necessary.

We now have courses for Microlight Pilots!

We're pleased to announce that we now have the necessary theoretical knowledge courses required for NPPL Microlight and Powered Parachute Pilots! Take a look at the Courses page. These courses are available to any training organisation able to undertake Microlight and/or Powered Parachute flight training. Contact us for more details if necessary.

All Courses/Tests/Exams Updated for CAA E-Exams!

We are constantly busy updating our course material, progress tests and course exams from valuable feedback our students are telling us from the new CAA E-Exams! Our students LOVE our material - constantly updated, relevant, and kept in tune with the style of questioning and topic coverage that appears in the new exams.

Making navigation easier

We've added a new feature to the Study page when you are studying a course. Instead of having to move the mouse over the left and right arrows on the screen to move forwards and backwards through the course, you can now use the right keyboard arrow key for the next page, and the left keyboard arrow for the previous page.

Course Updates

We regularly update all of our courses as appropriate to keep in line with changes in regulations and procedures. That's the beauty of an on-line course over and above any printed material that you purchase, which effectively becomes out of date as soon as you receive it (if not beforehand)!

Each of our courses contains change control information detailing the differences from previous versions. For every course, this can be found on page 4.

Listed below are all of our courses with the dates they were last updated. All this information is in one place here to check if you need to re-visit a particular course to bring yourself up to speed.

Course Last Updated
Air Law & ATC Procedures for Private Pilots22nd August 2021
Aircraft General Knowledge for Private Pilots30th July 2021
Best Navigation Practices for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots13th September 2021
Communications for Private & Microlight Pilots19th February 2021
Flight Performance & Planning for Private Pilots22nd August 2021
Human Performance & Limitations for Private & Microlight Pilots5th June 2021
IMC-IR(R) Rating for Private Pilots19th July 2021
Infringement Avoidance for Private & Microlight & Commercial Pilots22nd August 2021
Meteorology for Private & Microlight Pilots29th June 2021
Navigation for Private & Microlight Pilots13th September 2021
Night Rating for Private Pilots31st March 2021
Operational Procedures for Private Pilots15th June 2021
Pilot Updater for Private & Commercial Pilots22nd August 2021
Principles of Flight for Private Pilots1st January 2021
Upset Prevention & Recovery Training for Commercial & Private Pilots26th May 2021
Variable Pitch Propeller: Official Differences for Private & Commercial & Microlight Pilots11th March 2021